Makoro AB was founded in the summer of 2005 by five partners who all previously had worked together with Industrial Automation.

Customer specific solutions was the inspiration for the founding of the company.

It soon appeared that our company's services were in high demand.

Working with customers specific solutions every day keeps us evolving together with our customers.

Today the company is managed by

Daniel Fälth

Henrik Häger

Patrik Johansson


Our business plan is to offer Customer specific Industrial Automation equipment with a high technology level.

Were we, together with the customer, find creative and good solutions which strengthens their competitiveness.

And thus achieve a more efficient production with the highest profitability.

Our vision is not to be the largest company in our segment.

For us it is more important to be the proudest and that you, our customer, have confidence with us.



We at Makoro are always up to date with the techical development.

To be well prepared for the task at hand, we continously educate ourself.

Every day is always full of new challanges that we learn, and grow from experiencing.

This is why we are being in the lead of the technical development.


Our organization is built on a steady and reliable workforce.

New challanges gives us new possibilities to solve problems, and that keeps the everyday work inspiring.

At Makoro, experience and curiosity goes hand in hand.

Our Client's challange is our challange.


Alongside our customers, we develop equipments that thelps to solve their challenges.

The equipments are designed to maximize the production.

The equipments are also designed to minimize monotonous and tiring work tasks, and to improvethe quality output.

A delivered equipment from us survives long past the warranty period expires.

It is important to us that the customers feel safe about the future.

We are available for service, preventive maintenance and problem solving.

Do not hesitate to get in touch.


  • Our goal is full customer satisfaction, both external and internal. We achieve this by being responsive to and always meeting the customer's requirements, needs and expectations as well as laws and regulations by always delivering on time and with correct quality.
  • We will make ourselves known for our quality and follow up our customers' perception of us.
  • The customer should feel safe in our cooperation by having high competence, high availability and good relations with distributors and suppliers regarding technical solutions and that we do a professional job in every way.
  • All employees are responsible for ensuring that the quality of their own work is right and shall be well aware of their responsibilities and authority to achieve this.
  • Everyone in the company must strive for error-free and continuous improvements in all areas.
  • We will make use of and develop employees' commitment and competence.
  • We will contribute to participation, good decision-making and a stimulating work environment.


  • We strive to improve our environmental considerations, which should be seen as a natural part of our business.
  • Environmental issues must be taken into account in daily work, for example when choosing suppliers and other partners, choosing production materials, transport, equipment and supplies, planning and implementation of projects, recycling and reuse of materials.
  • We must in all situations comply with the laws, regulations and other regulations that affect our operations.
  • We must constantly work to prevent pollution from our operations.
  • All employees must feel responsible for the environment and understand their role in the work of reducing the company's environmental impact.
  • We expect all employees to follow our environmental policy and to report any environmental, health or safety problems to the Board.



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